If you’re looking for a £100 loan then we can help you by getting your loan request in front of a panel of 50 lenders who will be quite keen to loan you the money should you be financially comfortable with the amount you borrow. They will make sure you can afford the loan and not pay too much interest to the odd blip you may have had many years ago. They are more interested you are financially sound now and that you have turned a corner with your finances. You will be able to make an application for short term loans. You can then be considered very quickly with decisions in as little as fifteen minutes.

Where can I get a £100 loan with no credit check from direct lenders?

The simple truth is no credit check loans of £100 or any number for that matter simply don’t exist. It would be considered irresponsible lending by any lender to offer you a loan without a credit check but that doesn’t mean you will not get a loan. Far from it. If you can show your current finances are in order and that you are capable of comfortably repaying the loan, you’ll be considered. There’s clear evidence from the FCA that high cost short term credit (HCSTC) loans are on the rise and you have every chance of being one if you meet the basic criteria requirement. It’s as simple as that.

Can I get a £100 loan from a direct lender with bad credit short term?

Yes absolutely, payday loans for bad credit are common. Just because you made a couple of financial mistakes moons ago doesn’t mean that will affect how your current financial situation is. All you need to do is clearly prove you can afford the loan comfortably. As long as it won’t put any financial stress on you and your application can be considered. Should you want a short term loan for bad credit you need to do a few things. Show that you meet the basic elements they require which involve being over 18 with work, a bank account in the UK, and an address here too. It’s handy to have a mobile phone to review offers should there be any. You can then accept them as you will be able to deal with the loan more quickly

Will direct lenders help me quickly?

They will and why not if you’re financially sound and capable of paying the loan back without any financial difficulty. You could get a fast loan. It’s a given they’ll need to check for other outstanding debts and that lending you the money is responsible. Once that’s done, there’s every chance you’ll be able to receive a £100 quick loan. It can certainly be a same day loan too assuming your application isn’t complicated.

What is the best instant £100 loan?

Finding the best £100 instant loan is one of those retrospective things. You’ll only know once you apply. Given lenders have so many slightly different ideas about what they want to do with an application , you’ll find yourself in a situation where loan offers will vary from company to company. Please ensure that you review the offers carefully should you receive them. The best payday loans work the same way. You’ll need to make an application with us first to find out the best deals.

What is the interest rate for bad credit in emergencies?

When you’re looking for emergency loans of £100 you can normally find a few options. By sending us an application we can get your details in front of nearly 50 lenders who can act quickly with regards to loans for bad credit. Take a look at the table provided, you can see the costs though please don’t rely on this data as a quote, it’s for illustrative purposes only.

Comparing loans for £100 in emergencies with bad credit

Borrow money – how much?

Same Day Loan -length?

(31 Day)Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

Is this a bad credit loan?

£100 loan

3 months 24.8% £153.23 £51.08 Yes

£200 loan

3 months 24.8% £306.47 £102.19 Yes

£500 loan

3 months 24.8% £766.17 £255.39 Yes

£1000 loan

3 months 24.8% £1532.40 £510.80 Yes

Will there be any good alternatives to payday loans?

Yes one of the best alternatives to this type of loan is a Credit Union loan. When you look at our payday loans, you can see the interest is considerably higher than the capped 42.6% PA of the credit union. Of course, you will have to pay a credit union loan back in the same way as a payday loan or face the financial consequences. Heres a great article from Money Service Advice that shows the alternative to payday loans: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/alternatives-to-payday-loans.