Searching for a £500 loan? We can help connect you with as many as 50 lenders all ready to receive your application through us. Not all loans are for small amounts of money and this is getting up toward the middle area for short term loans. You can actually borrow far more with regards to short term loans but for most people a £500 loan is in the range of what you might be waiting on come payday.

Where can I find the best £500 loan offers in the UK?

To find the best payday loans you’ll need to do some research and apply to as many direct lenders as you can. This will then show you all the different offer that you can get and this is the only point that we can effectively answer this question as no situations are the same and it will require a tailored offer in every case. The best payday loans will payout quickly, be honest about interest rates, flexible with repayment, and fair.

Will I be able to get a £500 loan over 12 months quickly?

Yes you might be able to get a 12 month loan for £500. If you take a look at the table below it will show you the kind of interest that is involved. Because of the current regulations and caps on interest rates. A 12 month loan will not carry anymore than 12% interest a month. This is because payday loan interest is now capped to 0.8% per day by the FCA. Normally, quick loans are available for those with reasonably sensible credit history but they’ll also accept bad too. What you’ll need to do is send us an application so that we can put the details in front of as many lenders as possible to check what decisions and offers you get back. Please note this table is for illustrative purposes only and can’t be relied on for your personal circumstances.

Comparing loans for £100 in emergencies with bad credit

Borrow money – how much?

Same Day Loan -length?

(30 Day)Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

Is this a bad credit loan?

£100 loan

3 months 24% £151.42 £50.47 Yes

£200 loan

3 months 24% £302.83 £100.94 Yes

£500 loan

6 months 24% £993.22 £165.54 Yes

£1000 loan

12 months 12% £1937.24 £161.44 Yes

Who will give me money with no credit check fast?

Quite simply put to save you time. You must be credit checked. Getting a loan with no credit check is impossible from an authorised and regulated Financial Conduct Authority lender. The only way to get a loan with no credit check is through a loan shark and I highly recommend avoiding this. Firstly, it’s illegal and secondly those willing to break the law may be dangerous. Don’t take the risk, send us an application and even with bad credit we may be able to help you get a loan if lenders believe you can afford the money you borrow.

Is it possible to borrow money bad credit from direct lenders?

You may be able to get a payday loan from direct lenders with bad credit. Payday loans for bad credit exist and we have a panel of lenders that specialise in helping this kind of application. Much relies on your current finances rather than what happened a long time ago. As long as you can prove affordability then you’ll be able to get a loan application looked at by the lenders.

Can I get a no guarantor payday loan offer same day guaranteed?

No guarantor loans do exist though you cannot get any guaranteed payday loans. It’s impossible to make a loan offer without a credit check and so they just don’t exist even if they payday loans are high acceptance. Normally, if lenders get your application they can process them same day. This assumes that your financial situation is in order and they are able to lend you the money.

Should I get a payday loan if I’m struggling to pay my bills?

If you’re struggling with debt or to pay your bills there is help out there. The Citizens advice bureau make a brilliant post when for those that are struggling to pay their bills. You should note, a payday loan isn’t going to solve the problem. Should this be a long standing thing where your outgoings are higher than what’s coming in. In this case you really should avoid a payday loan and look at how to effectively manage your money better. show how you can manage your money and budget better which will help you to reduce debts long term and help take control back of your finances