Fast loans [UK]

Are you looking for a fast loans that pay our quickly? We can put your application in front of a panel of lenders that act fact and can make instant decisions based on the details we submit on your behalf. If you have bad credit you can still apply too. To be able to apply for a fast loan you need to meet some basic criteria. The most important things you’ll need to be able to prove are your working status, and that you are over 18 with a valid bank account. You’ll also need to be a UK resident and that will be enough to get you into a position whereby your application can be considered.

Fast loans are generally becoming more acceptable and frequently used by the general public. This is shown in the recent report publication by the FCA based on high cost short term lending. The trend is growth of bad credit loans and with this growth it becomes reasonably easy to see these loans are high acceptance with high rates of interest.

Can I get fast loans with no guarantor online?

Yes, one easy way to get a fast loan with no guarantor is to apply online with us and we will put this application with our lenders and let them workout if your finances will be accepted. They are looking for your recent history and how your financial situation is currently. This means the odd mistake in the past will not be the main thing that decides the outcome of your application.

Where is the best place to find quick payday loans?

If you’re looking for a quick loan then the best place to start is with a simple search of google seeing as you are reading this from your phone or computer. Search for quick payday loans or something similar and this will be one of the best places to find a fast loan. Alternatives include looking on the high street and perhaps you could even consider speaking to a Credit Union. A good place to start start looking might be in newspapers too as people offer fast loans that way as well but check that whoever you borrow money from is on the Consumer Credit Register approved by the Financial Conduct Authority when looking for the best payday loans.

Comparing cash fast loan costs

Borrow money – how much?

Short term loan -length?

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

Is this a bad credit loan?

£100 loan

4 months 21% £157.45 £39.36 Yes

£200 loan

4 months 21% £314.91 £78.73 Yes

£500 loan

4 months 21% £787.26 £196.82 Yes

£1000 loan

4 months 21% £1574.73 £393.63 Yes

Please note these costs are for illustration purposes only and before accepting any cash loan offer please carefully check the details between yourself and the lender.

What is the easiest and simplest way to get fast loans today with bad credit?

One of the easiest ways to get a fast loan is to apply online through brokers as you only need to speak to a handful in order that you have your application looked at by many lenders. We can normally get your application considered carefully by as many as 50 lenders who all have their own lending criteria. While this does not guarantee a payday loan, it does give you a chance of getting credit assuming the lenders believe giving you a loan is a financially safe thing for you.

Where can I go if I don’t get accepted for a payday loan because my credit is too bad?

Payday loans for bad credit generally have reasonably high acceptance rates but if you are turned down then a good option is to look at Credit Unions. The Citizens Advice Bureau have kindly put together an informative article about Credit Union loans and clearly demonstrates they are a good option or alternative to a payday loans. Not least of all because the interest rates are considerably lower on a Credit Union loan.