High acceptance payday loans are designed for those that have a less than perfect credit history. And while they are far from guaranteed payday loans, they do offer the opportunity for those with bad credit to be considered by a lender and if you fill in our application form we can place your details in front of many lenders that are willing to consider your financial circumstances.

It’s quite possible that people looking for high acceptance payday loans do not have perfect credit. If you are in this situation then don’t worry. If you think you may not be approved for a payday loan then the best thing to do is simply submit your application and let the professionals decide if you can comfortably repay the money you borrow. In same cases decisions can be same day.

Where can you find high acceptance payday loans: direct lenders?

One of the best places to start looking for high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders is the internet. There are plenty of brokers and lenders that specialise in high acceptance payday loans in the UK. Whilst there’s certainly no such thing as a sure bet with regards to loans, you’ll have a good chance if you meet the basic eligibility criteria for a payday loan. One important thing to consider is your search. If you search for direct lenders online you are more likely to connect with brokers who wish to connect you with direct lenders of payday loans as well as the lenders themselves. This will give you the advantage finding what you’re looking for easily.

What’s the best high acceptance payday loan company?

There is no fixed answer to this question. The best high acceptance payday loan for you is one that offers a good rate, flexible repayment terms, and with quick release of funds once you agree to the loan itself. Finding the best payday loans takes time and effort. Luckily if you browse our site you’ll find plenty of answers and can send us an application whereby we will put your information in front of many lenders who will be interested in your application. This gives you a great shot at getting a loan if you meet the criteria and explains why these loans are high acceptance.

Can you get high acceptance loans for bad credit?

Yes, in some cases you can get a high acceptance loan with bad credit. When you submit your application lenders can assess your finances on their own lending criteria and not just credit scores. If they believe your past isn’t indicative of your future and that you can afford a loan comfortably then they will be willing to lend. To understand more about loans for bad credit you can check this page that provides information about this financial situation. It’s important to remember there’s no such thing as a loan with no credit check so always be clear an honest about your finances.

What can I do if I run into difficulty paying my payday loan?

The most important thing to do if you run into financial difficulty when taking out a payday loan is seek professional help. If you have problems paying back payday loans please follow the link to Money Advice Services provided as it’s a great starting point to solving your worries. While we always try to be extremely clear about our payday loans, things can go wrong and unforeseen circumstances do occur. If you need help dealing with payday loan debt then please follow the link provided to stepchange.org. The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem, it will only get worse until you act. These organisations are in place to help you, so please use them, they are also free.

To help you understand the overall picture and what’s involved with high acceptance loans, please take a look at this table that will help you compare high acceptance payday loans.

Compare high acceptance payday loans

Borrow money? How much?

Short term loan length?

Bad credit loan applications considered?

APR MAX Monthly

£100 loan

3 to 6 months Yes 24%

£200 loan

3 to 6 months Yes 24%

£500 loan

3 to 9 months Yes 24%

£1000 loan

3 to 12 months Normally yes 24%