We can help you with short term loans. All you need to do is pop us an application and we can help you get through life’s little bumps with as little disruption as possible. We all face unexpected costs at some point in our lives and short term loans are a handy solution to the problem. You can normally apply for a short term loan online and within 15 minutes you’ll start to receive decisions on credit. What could be easier? Simply fill in our form that takes a few minutes and we will do the rest connecting you to our panel of lenders and brokers.

What are short term loans for UK residents?

Short term loans are a form of high cost credit for those with less than perfect credit history or perhaps no credit history at all. Generally the interest is much higher than typical lenders such as banks but the loans have far higher acceptance than banks. They have strict procedure for lending money in place based on credit scores from the credit rating agencies(CRA). If you’re a UK resident you can get a short term loan. All you need to do is be over 18 and have an income as well as a UK bank account. You are then able to apply for short term loans.

Who can help me get short term loans with bad credit?

We can help you get short term loans with bad credit. If you fill in a form with us we will zip the information to a large panel of lenders. There are normally 50 companies or more that are willing to quickly look at your history and see if they can workout something for you. Whatever happens, you’ll get decisions based on your credit history and possibly offers as well.

How can I get the best short term loans?

In order that you get the best short term loans you will need to have your details placed with credit lenders. The reason for this is that no two situations and decisions as the same. I’ve seen situations where you get credit three times in a row and technically your credit history looks better. Then I have seen a rejection after this. Much depends on what comes up in the hard credit search and any changes of circumstances that you might have whilst borrowing money. So finding the best payday loans really needs you to send an application and let the lenders workout offers and decisions. From here it’s possible to tell which are the best loans. Generally you want low interest, flexible payment terms, and quick payouts. These are some factors in deciding the best short term loans.

Do short term loans with no credit check exist?

No they do not. Every single loan that is issued in the UK by authorised lenders will have a credit check You just cannot get a loan without credit check.. Anyone that lends you money without a credit check would be considered a loan shark and we all know just how dangerous it is to work with people like this. It is also illegal to lend money with a license and you should report a loan shark if you find one anonymously.

Where can I find short term loans from direct lenders?

You can find short term loans from direct lenders online. That is one good way of obtaining short term loans from direct lenders. If you fill in an application on our website then there’s a fair chance that we will be able to connect you with many direct lenders. They will be interested in your application and almost certainly will respond quickly with a decision on your credit loan application. Almost all payday loan direct lenders will be interested to provide a quote as they specialise in this type of high cost finance.

Who is the cheapest – compare short term loans?

Finding a cheap payday loan is quite straight forward. You should apply to as many agencies and brokers as you can. It is also worth contacting direct lenders who will loan money too. This means that you will stand a chance of getting far more offers. The more offers you get, likeliness says the more chance you have of getting a better set of terms on the money you wish to borrow. To give you an idea of costs please see the table below which is a reasonable example of the type of offer you may be able to receive. Please do not rely on this though, we are broker and not lenders, you should deal directly with a lender for an offer.

Comparing cash lending costs

Borrow money – how much?

Short term loan -length?

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Cash Loan total

Monthly repayment

Is this a bad credit loan?

£100 loan

3 months 24% £151.42 £50.47 Yes

£200 loan

3 months 24% £302.83 £100.94 Yes

£500 loan

11 months 13% £967.13 £87.92 Yes

£1000 loan

12 months 12% £1937.24 £161.44 Yes

How do you get quick short term payday loans?

Quick loans can generally be found using the internet. To get quick short term payday loans you’ll simply need to pop your details with as many brokers and direct lenders as you can so that they can match you with appropriate credit if possible. Most quick loans are organised within 15 minutes if you have the right kind of credit history and quick short term payday loans are no exception to this rule. What happens after your application is really straightforward. You simply wait for the offers to come in and then that will allow you to review them. Please look carefully at your offers because they can vary significantly.

Who are the best brokers of short term loans online?

When you’re looking for short term loans online the best thing to do is contact several brokers as they may be connected to different lenders. Each of these lenders will have a slightly different way of assessing your finances and therefore its important that you speak with as many brokers as you can to get the best short term loans online. Once you know your offers it will be easy to see which short term loans online are favourable for you.

Who does the best interest rate for students?

If you’re looking for short term loans for students then we can probably help. Students occasionally run out of money and can’t quite wait until the next loan instalment from their main student loan. In this situation we can normally help you. Short term loans for students of this nature are quite common and on the rise. To find the best interest rate you’ll need to apply with as many as you can to get a sense of what the market in general feels about your current finances. No two decisions will be the same when you apply for student payday loans and therefore paramount that you research short term loans for students thoroughly before taking one.

What companies help those with poor credit?

You’ll find plenty of companies that are willing to look at your situation even if you have poor credit. Remarkably, short term high cost credit is actually designed for for those with poor credit and mediocre alike. Most people with higher credit ratings will generally head to banks for loans or traditional loan companies as the APR will be considerably lower. That doesn’t mean you should avoid a loan though. If a loan is needed for something important that would otherwise stop you working for example, then it’s worth considering a loan.

Who can help me if I have short term loan arrears or debt?

If you find yourself having difficulty with a short term loan then you should speak to any of the numerous charities that are in place. One of the good ones to look at is stepchange.org. They have a cracking article on short term loan debt and how to handle it. Short term loans don’t need to be a problem and should not cause you financial difficulties. Another great place to get advice is Money Service Advice as they also handle this type of issue and can help advise if necessary.