If you’re looking for short term loans for bad credit then we will be able to help you. We will be able to get your details in front of a panel of lenders that are experts in deciding the outcome of bad credit loans. Short term loans for bad credit can be approved reasonably quickly too. Much depends on your current financial status rather than how thing were many years ago. Unlike banks that take a long term view of your financial history, short term loans that are high cost credit operates using your latest finances to determine the viability of a loan offer.

Where can I get the best short term loans for bad credit?

To find the best short term loans for bad credit you will need to submit an application to us and allow the panel of lenders to make a decision. Short term loans for bad credit as well as any loan for bad credit will rely much on how the individual lender sees your application. Where they all rate your situation in line with the guidance FCA set out slightly differently it can result in considerably different loan options being presented to you. So pop us an application and we will look at what we can do to help you. From here we can then help you get the best payday loans.

Will I get a short term payday loan for bad credit?

Yes you can get a short term payday loan for bad credit. Generally speaking you’ll need to prove that you can afford the loan and that it will not adversely effect your current financial situation. It must not impact on your current ability to pay essential bills. This is a rule that is in place for all payday loans with bad credit and is designed to ensure that consumers do not borrow money they cannot afford.

What if I’ve got very bad history?

The best thing to do with very bad credit is pop us an application and we will then pass this on to a panel of specialist lenders that will workout your current financial situation. What you classify as very bad credit might not be in line with the lenders guidelines and so they may be able to help you with a loan. the only way to know is to give them as much information as you possibly can and as honestly too. This will give you a fair chance of getting a loan with bad credit on a short term basis.

Who does the cheapest short term loans for bad credit?

Finding a cheap short term payday loan for bad credit will boil down to how you are doing in your current financial position. If things are going pretty smooth and it looks like you can afford a loan then there is a possibility that you’ll be able to get one. All decisions are essentially made by the lenders so always be as complete with your information as possible because when they do a credit check and it tallies with your application it will put you in a really good light and be a sign of sensible credit worthiness too.

Do direct lenders do bad credit with a good interest rate?

There’s a whole panel of lenders in the UK that specifically look at your ability to borrow money with bad credit. You may even have extremely bad credit history but if things are completely different now then they will be in a position to carefully assess you application. To give you an idea of the credit interest rates involved please see the table below. This table is for illustrative purposes only and in now way suggests you’ll get a loan, it’s more so you can see what happens in some cases.

Comparing loans

Borrow money – how much?

Same Day Loan -length?

(30 Day)Monthly APR example Representative 1266% (292% PA)

Loan total

Monthly repayment

Is this a bad credit loan?

£100 loan

3 months Based on 292% PA £152.17 £50.72 Yes

£200 loan

3 months Based on 292% PA £304.34 £101.45 Yes

£500 loan

3 months Based on 292% PA £766.17 £255.39 Yes

£1000 loan

3 months Based on 292% PA £1532.40 £510.80 Yes

Who can help – I am struggling with debt and need to make a plan to get out of financial difficulty without a payday loan?

Please do something about your problem with debt today. One way you can solve the problem is by taking information from the Citizens Advice Bureau. They will give solid advice on handling debt. They actually have a really good page on handling and dealing with debt. It’s worth a read and a good starting point as they are professionals in handling debt issues and if they can’t help with almost certainly be able to refer you without using our payday loans services.. You might also consider looking at Stepchange.org too. They have a pay that teaches you how to arrange payments with creditors. https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/arranging-payment-with-creditors.aspx. These are great starting points to fix your debt problems.